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VMI Sports is bringing back its original pump and performance pre-workout Train

Vmi Sports Bringing Back Train

The Stack3d Supplement Podcast interviews return this week with Tom Reilly, the president of VMI Sports, known for such products as the pre-workout K-XR and protein powder Protolyte. We go over everything that’s happened with the brand in the past year or so, especially all of the things it did in 2021 with the revamp of K-XR and the launch of the on-the-go K-XR RTD.

Tom Reilly shares a lot of information about the reformulated version of its pre-workout K-XR, the approach and idea behind it, and how exciting the release and feedback on the K-XR RTD was. We also asked about the K-XR drink leading into a Protolyte RTD, something VMI Sports has already discussed the potential of, and we get an update on the 2021 teased Lyte Protein Cookie.

Another little detail Tom Reilly included in our Stack3d Supplement Podcast interview was VMI Sports’ next big project, and it is indeed a big one for the brand and longtime fans. VMI is actually bringing back its previously discontinued pre-workout Train, originally released several years ago and designed to provide a stronger focus on enhancing pumps and performance.

VMI Sports is currently working on the return of its Train pre-workout and is hoping to have it out later this year. It will be much like the original with ingredients to power pumps, performance, and energy, and offer a separate experience to the more stimulant-powered K-XR. For more, check out our entire interview with Tom Reilly over on iTunes, Spotify, and SoundCloud.

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