ADVANCEDgg makes a flavor with Kripparrian of its more advanced gaming product

Advanced Gg Kripps Strawberry Daiquiri

Like a few other gaming supplement companies out there, ADVANCEDgg frequently adds new flavors to its selection of products with Energy built to elevate energy, and Focus, created to enhance energy and focus. ADVANCEDgg already has many of your more common options, so it’s no surprise that most of its recent efforts have been uncommon flavors; in fact, a couple of weeks ago, the brand dropped Original Ramune Energy.

ADAVCNEDgg is back again in the month of April, launching another flavor extension, this time, it’s for its the advanced and our favorite gaming supplement of its two, Focus. The latest addition to the product’s menu is Kripp’s Strawberry Daiquiri, and as you can tell by the name, it is a collaboration. The brand has partnered with another notable Gamer and Streamer to create the flavor with Octavian Morosan, better known as Kripparrian.

Fans of ADVANCEDgg and gaming supplements, in general, can shoot to the brand’s online store to pick up the new Kripp’s Strawberry Daiquiri Focus at a price of $44.99 for a tub of 20 maximum servings.

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