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Superhuman Sport is getting an official launch this Friday in two ongoing flavors

Alpha Lion Superhuman Sport

Alpha Lion did something quite special to mark a year of limited edition flavors every month; it released an entirely new supplement in two limited-time tastes. That product was Superhuman Sport, a more performance and endurance-focused pre-workout featuring premium and proven ingredients like the PeakO2 blend at a solid 2g and a full 150mg of elevATP.

While Alpha Lion launched Superhuman Sport in two special edition flavors, that wasn’t an indication the supplement itself was only going to be around for a short period of time. With those initially limited flavors now been and gone, the reputable brand is getting ready to release Superhuman Sport in two options that will be here to stay along with the pre-workout.

This Friday, Alpha Lion’s Superhuman Sport is getting its official rollout in two flavors, both of which fans will have seen before. Those flavors are from other Superhuman products in Hulk Juice, a sour gummy bear recipe, and the grape bubblegum concoction, Grapezilla. Again, the supplement is arriving in three days at precisely 10 AM Eastern Time at