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Animal throws two extra packs in Test, Stak and M-Stak for a limited time

Animal Muscle Builder Packs Two Free

Hardcore legacy brand Animal is currently going through a rebrand, switching to a fresh new look for all of its supplements, from the original multivitamin Animal Pak through to the top-rated muscle builder Animal Test. Interestingly, with that makeover of Animal Test as well as the brand’s other stackable muscle builders, Animal Stak and Animal M-Stak, has come a bit of a deal.

For a limited time in specially marked canisters of those three Animal supplements — Animal Test, Stak, and M-Stak — are two additional packs of each respective product. Basically, instead of the usual 21 packs to get you through an entire three-week cycle, Animal Test, Stak, and M-Stak come with two free for a total of 23, to last you precisely three weeks and two days.

The free packs don’t alter the price of any of the muscle-building products; they just give you two additional servings to enjoy and take in the benefits of the supplements for that little bit longer. You can tell if you’re getting the bonus version of Animal Test, Stak or M-Stak as on the outside is a yellow tag highlighting the fact, and at the base, it says 23 packs instead of 21.