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Frozen berry flavor Arctic Vibe hitting shelves for Celsius’ signature energy drink

Arctic Vibe Celsius Energy Drink

Over the past week, we’ve seen reports of a refreshing new flavor of Celsius’ signature energy drink showing up in various stores and stockists. The latest from the beverage brand is the limited frozen berry recipe called Arctic Vibe, continuing Celsius’ “Vibe” naming convention already seen in two previously released flavors, Peach Vibe and Tropical Vibe.

The Arctic Vibe Celsius energy drink has all of the product’s usual highlights, featuring B vitamins, no sugar, only 2g of carbohydrates, and, of course, 200mg of caffeine for energy. If you’re looking to buy the product online, The Vitamin Shoppe has surfaced as one of the more popular places to go, where Arctic Vibe is now in stock at $24.99 a case.

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