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Cookies and a simple milk flavor join Atlhetica’s lineup for 100% Whey Flavor

Atlhetica Nutrition Whey Flavor Cookies And Milk

While Best Whey is the Brazilian brand Atlhetica Nutrition’s most known protein powder or family of protein powders, it does have others in the category that aren’t named Best Whey. One of those products is 100% Whey Flavor, a completely whey concentrate-based supplement, providing 20g of protein per serving, a not-so-lean 6.9g of carbohydrates, 2.2g of fat, and 127 calories in its traditional Chocolate flavor.

We’re bringing up 100% Whey Flavor today as it has landed itself not one but two new flavors to go with the three that are already out and available in Atlhetica Nutrition’s home country of Brazil. Both of the additions are as common as the product’s current three with Cookies & Cream and Leite, which is Portuguese for Milk, and as simple as it sounds, that is the flavor and something the brand has for other supplements.