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Aware’s plant-based protein powder gets a much-needed second flavor

Aware Nutrition Blueberry Muffin Vegan Protein

About one year ago, the Swedish supplement company Aware Nutrition rolled out yet another protein powder, a category it now has a strong four competitors in. The product sets itself apart from those others by being plant-based and vegan-friendly, providing 22.2g of protein per serving from pea and rice protein, with other lean macros in 1.1g of carbohydrates, under a gram of fat, and a calorie count of 101.

Since the launch of Aware Nutrition’s simply named Vegan Protein, fans have only had one flavor to choose from for the supplement in Chocolate Ball. This week, again, roughly one year after the debut of the product, the brand is giving back to Vegan Protein by way of a much-needed second flavor. The plant protein powder’s original Chocolate Ball is now available through Aware’s website in Blueberry Muffin.