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Battle Bites brand comes out with a protein powder but only for a limited time

Battle Snacks Battle Whey Protein Powder

The functional company Battle Snacks, known for its delicious and always enjoyable two-piece Battle Bar, has released a protein powder, although interestingly, it is only said to be around for a limited time. The supplement is fairly straightforward, featuring a typical whey-based formula and macros to match, with its intriguing flavors being the more attractive feature.

Battle Snacks’ Battle Whey protein powder provides 23g of protein per serving, all from whey concentrate, with a reasonable 3.7g of carbohydrates, 3g of that sugar, 2.3g of fat, and 121 calories. That nutrition profile is for the product’s sweet Strawberry Delight flavor, with three other options to choose from, in Cereal Milk, Peppermint Ice Cream, and a unique Popcorn.

The limited-edition Battle Whey protein powder is only available in one size with a 900g or 2lb bag, which is enough to provide you with 30 servings, each packing that 23g of protein. Despite the small volume, the UK brand has made the product great value thanks to its price, as straight from the Battle Snacks’ online store, you can get it at £14.99 (19.23 USD).