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BioSteel drops six flash flavors and they’re all for its whey and plant protein powders

Biosteel Whey Protein Plant Protein Flash Flavors

If you’re at all familiar with the sports nutrition brand BioSteel, you’ll know it does flash flavors reasonably frequently, which is essentially a limited-time option for an already available supplement. We shared one of those just last week for the brand’s flagship hydration product, Hydration Mix, which is the supplement we typically see flash flavors for from the brand.

It turns out, also this month, BioSteel has dropped six other limited edition flash flavors, although none of these are for its popular Hydration Mix. The brand has created six temporary tastes spread across two of its protein powders in the whey-based 100% Whey Protein and vegan-friendly Plant-Based Protein, with all of the flavors also coming in smaller tubs.

The flash flavors for BioSteel’s 100% Whey Protein are Fruity Cereal and Cookies ‘N’ Cream, and for Plant-Based Protein, they are Blueberry Cobbler, Apple Crumble, Banana Cream Pie, and Cinnamon Bun. Again the tub sizes of the short-term flavors are smaller than usual, where you get 14 servings as opposed to the 25 you typically get in the two products.

All six of BioSteel’s protein powder flash flavors are available now through its online store, and obviously, being smaller than 100% Whey Protein and Plant-Based Protein’s usual size, they are cheaper. Each one will cost you $29.99, which is not as cost-effective as the 25 servings, but it is the only way to try any of the intriguing special edition options for the products.

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