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Devotion designs Jumpstart Juice to jumpstart your day with EAAs and nootropics

Devotion Nutrition Jumpstart Juice

AM Jumpstart Juice is an all-new supplement from the original functional food company Devotion Nutrition, first known for its concentrated flavor stick packs, Flex Flavor. The name of the product says it all, with Jumpstart Juice being a powder supplement designed to jumpstart your day early in the morning with ingredients for focus and brain function.

Devotion Nutrition hasn’t packed an overly advanced formula into AM Jumpstart Juice, keeping it relatively simple with a quick list of ingredients and moderate dosages. Each serving of Jumpstart Juice has a combined 4.2g of all nine EAAs to support recovery, half a gram of DMAE, another half gram of tyrosine, and finally, a high 400mcg of huperzine a.

Devotion Nutrition’s AM Jumpstart Juice is a simple brain function supplement, and it is caffeine-free, so if you want to combine it with a source of caffeine like an energy drink, you are free to do so. The brand is expected to launch its good morning product later today in just one flavor to start, with Cherry Limeade, and in a tub of 30 servings at $39.99.