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Dr. Disrespect gets his own flavor of MTN DEW’s Game Fuel in Championship Citrus Cherry

Dr Disrespect Championship Cirtus Cherry Mtn Dew Game Fuel

MTN DEW has partnered with popular gamer Dr. Disrespect for a limited edition flavor of its gaming beverage, Game Fuel. Fans of gaming will remember Dr. Disrespect has put his name to similar products before, specifically G Fuel and its collaboration, Black On Blackberry. This also isn’t the first time MTN DEW has partnered with someone for a flavor; in 2021, it got together with CouRage for Courageous Sherbet Game Fuel.

The new, although temporary addition to MTN DEW Game Fuel’s menu, produced in partnership with Dr. Disrespect, is Championship Citrus Cherry. The flavor combines a sweet citrus taste with that of cherry or at least based on the name it does, all alongside the usual Game Fuel ingredients. For those in need of a quick refresher on the formula, Game Fuel drives energy and focus with theanine and a light 90mg of caffeine.n

There is a fair amount of nutrition to MTN DEW’s regular Game Fuel energy drink, as it’s not zero sugar or calorie like most of our favorites, with 24g of carbohydrates, 23g of that sugar, and 90 calories. Those macros are present in Dr. Disrespect’s Championship Citrus Cherry Game Fuel, which is available now through MTN DEW’s Game Fuel online store at $24.99 for a case of 12 cans, but again, it is only around for a limited time.