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Venom and Mr. Veinz restock bringing a new and matching Grape Crush flavor

Dragon Pharma Grape Candy Venom

We recently posted about a teased and potential new version of Dragon Pharma’s pre-workout Venom after it said it had a “new Venom” coming, although it turns out it’s not quite the “new” we were hoping for. This coming Friday, the brand is actually restocking its stimulant-powered pre-workout Venom as well as its stimulant-free and stackable pump pre-workout Mr. Veinz.

Where the “new” part comes in is the restocking of the two supplements is bringing flavor extensions for Venom and Mr. Veinz. The new addition to the pre-workouts is the same for each of them, with a sweet-sounding Grape Crush. The matching flavor will make it easier to stack the two as you won’t be overlapping different tastes, and again, they’re both dropping this Friday.