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FAST creates two special edition products and partners with MIELI ry to support mental health

Fast Strawberry Bar And Banoffee Shake

Finnish functional brand FAST has put together two all-new and special edition flavors, one each for a separate on-the-go, high-protein product. What makes the releases so special is that they are in support of a great cause, partnering with MIELI ry, the Finnish association for mental health, to spread awareness on the topic and support even further by donation.

FAST’s two specially marked items are a Banoffee flavor of its milkshake-like Protein Shake, featuring the traditional banoffee blend of banana and caramel toffee. The other option is similar with a slight twist in a Strawboffee FAST Protein Bar, featuring that same caramel toffee taste as the shake, but instead of banana, the other half is strawberry, hence the name.

From the start of this month through to the end of June, three months total, every unit of Banoffee Protein Shake and Strawoffee Protein Bar purchased will give €0.10 to MIELI ry to support its efforts in mental health and crisis work. The products feature their own individual colors, as you can see above, and Finnish mental health’s signature green ribbon.

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