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Glaxon goes all out for April Fools and makes a Golden Shower-flavored pre-workout

Glaxon Specimen Fools Gold

Yesterday was filled with endless fun and creative April Fool’s Day prank products, many of them being intriguing and some of them convincing, although no one took it quite as far this year as Glaxon. To be 100% sure it wasn’t a prank, we waited until the following day and reached out to the brand for confirmation, but the extremely limited Specimen Fool’s Gold in a show-stopping Golden Shower flavor is indeed the real deal.

Specimen Fool’s Gold is an all-new version of Glaxon’s signature stimulant pre-workout, featuring a formula completely separate from any of the other Specimens, including the standard version, YoYo, and GFY. The supplement is mostly made with proprietary blends, and the brand promises it does hit. It has a 475mg caffeine blend in its maximum two-scoop serving, beta-alanine for performance, and a 5mg combination of yohimbine and alpha yohimbine, like Specimen YoYo.

Glaxon Specimen Fools Gold Label

As you can see in the facts panel above, Glaxon’s Specimen Fool’s Gold is relatively straightforward with a very basic formula, or as the brand puts it, “stripped to the bones”. It’s not the comprehensive and detailed approach you see in the other iterations of Specimen, and it’s not meant to be. The brand originally only thought about making it a typical April Fool’s Day prank but decided to go the whole way and produce it.

Glaxon’s Specimen Fool’s Gold has been made in one flavor, and it continues the fun of April Fool’s Day with the pineapple lemonade option Golden Shower. In the flavor callout, the humor continues as it says Golden Shower is an officially licensed, authentic flavor collaboration. The supplement is completely free until midnight Sunday or while stocks with any purchase from Glaxon’s online store totaling more than $75.

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