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Gigas Nutrition house brand GN Labs gets in on the turkesterone trend

Gn Labs Turkesterone

The ever-growing trend of turkesterone supplements isn’t limited to the US, with several companies around the world coming out with some sort of product utilizing the muscle strength and size ingredient. Today we have another one of those supplements to share, simply named Turkesterone, from the Germany-based Gigas Nutrition house brand, GN Labs.

GN Labs has decided to keep things as simple as you can get in its turkesterone product, putting only the title ingredient in it with the usual half a gram of ajuga turkestanica, providing 10% turk. Interestingly the brand only has 45 servings per bottle, each with that 500mg, so if you take two servings for that daily dose of a gram, it’ll last just 22 days.

Being that GN Labs is a house brand from Gigas Nutrition, the German retailer’s website at is currently the best place to go, where that bottle of 45 servings will cost you €29.90 (32.35 USD).

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