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Introducing O’Snap Nutrition and its unique snap-to-serve delivery system

Introducing O Snap Nutrition

O’Snap Nutrition is a lifestyle nutrition company that is doing things a little bit differently, although not on the side of ingredients, dosages, or flavors; it’s in the delivery. The brand has four supplements available at the moment with Surge In A Snap for energy and pumps, Reverse In A Snap to support anti-aging, Complete In A Snap for your daily dose of vitamins, and Sleep In A Snap to help get you to sleep.

The ingredients and dosages packed into each of those O’Snap Nutrition supplements aren’t anything overwhelming or uncommon, with Surge In A Snap bringing together a light 270mg blend of green coffee bean, S7, taurine, and ginseng. As mentioned, what makes the brand and its small selection of products unique is how you take them, as they don’t come in the traditional powder, capsule, or liquid formats.

O Snap Nutrition Snap To Open Sachets

O’Snap Nutrition packages all of its supplements in snap-to-open packets, which are hard and relatively flat sachets that you bend to create an opening; then, pour the contents straight into your mouth. It’s certainly an interesting concept and a nice change from the formats we’re all used to, and it’s also a key feature driving O’Snap Nutrition.

The significant downside is that you obviously can’t fit a lot of active ingredients in a single snap-to-open sachet, and that is reflected in the formulas of the O’Snap Nutrition products. You can try out any of the items by purchasing them straight from the brand’s website, and they are expensive for what you get inside, with all of them priced at $59.95 for 28 servings, except Reverse In A Snap at $74.95.