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Miami-inspired newcomer Vice Life launching soon with four supplements

Introducing Vice Life

New sports nutrition companies surface each and every week these days, the majority of them having their own unique look and feel, and they typically tackle popular categories like pre-workout and protein powder. Vice Life is one of those newcomers that is about to begin its journey in the supplement industry, and it is doing so with a handful of products.

Vice Life is a US-based company, covering its supplements in colorful, eye-catching label designs, which the brand says are all Miami-inspired. Vice Life will be starting out with four products, including two pre-workouts that can be stacked with one another for a powerhouse workout in the stimulant-powered Fire and stimulant-free pump pre-workout Papt.

The other two supplements Vice Life will have on its debut are the probiotic-infused superfood formula Viva and, lastly, the focus-enhancing nootropic Push. None of the ingredients or dosages have been confirmed for any of the products, only the categories, so we don’t know for sure what kind of effectiveness we’ll be getting from the brand, although it does have some experience behind it.

We’ll be sure to share more information on the upcoming Vice Life when it becomes available, especially the formulas powering those four supplements, Fire, Papt, Viva, and Push.