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Jacked Factory combines PeakO2 and CordycepsPrime in its latest Pro product

Jacked Factory Endure

Jacked Factory’s Pro Series is a collection of more premium and advanced sports nutrition supplements, all branded separately from its regular products. The line has grown quite a bit over the years, and it is doing so once again this week with the launch of Endure, designed entirely to elevate and enhance performance and endurance, as you may have gathered from the name.

There are just two ingredients powering Jacked Factory’s Pro Series Endure; however, they’re both premium and reliable ingredients. Each maximum daily serving of the supplement comes with 2g of the PeakO2 mushroom blend, and alongside that, you get a gram of Nuliv’s patented CordycepsPrime, with the two combining to, again, support performance, endurance, and immune health.

Endure is a fairly simple product, but with those premium ingredients, PeakO2 and CordycepsPrime, it’s a fitting addition to Jacked Factory’s Pro Series. The supplement is available now through the brand’s online store, and it’ll cost you $39.99 for a bottle with 30 of those maximum daily servings, although Jacked Factory does say you can half the serving for 60 days’ worth.