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Leviathan pairs omega-optimizing SmartPrime with a hefty dose of fish oil

Leviathan Advaned Omega 3

Last week we posted about Nutrashure’s all-new premium and patent-pending ingredient SmartPrime-OM, created to enhance the way your body utilizes omega fatty acids like omega-3 and omega-6. It is still a relatively new ingredient, so it’s not in all that many supplements yet, although there are a few out there well worth getting your hands on to give SmartPrime a try.

One of the early adopters of Nutrashure’s omega optimizing ingredient is the reputable Leviathan Nutrition with its recently released cardiovascular health and anti-inflammatory formula Advanced Omega 3. It is the ideal product to let the benefits of SmartPrime-OM shine, featuring a combination of fish oil at a solid 4g in every five softgel serving, and a full 250mg of SmartPrime.

Leviathan Nutrition Advanced Omega 3

Leviathan Nutrition’s Advanced Omega 3 makes good use SmartPrime-OM, pairing it with fish oil to increase your omega-3 intake and optimize your body’s use of the fatty acids. The brand doesn’t hold back on the dose of fish oil either, as mentioned above, it packs 4g per serving. The premium formula does come with a premium price at $54.98 for a bottle of the usual 30 servings.