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Pumps and focus take the lead in Mammoth’s first caffeine-free pre-workout

Mammoth Swell

Mammoth has put together another competitor for the saturated pre-workout category, and like all good expansions from a brand in a familiar space, it is separate from its other entries. Mammoth Swell is the brand’s newest innovation, entering the same category as the brand’s other two pre-workouts, Mammoth Pump and the stimulant-focused Neuro Stim.

The key difference between Mammoth Swell and those other two supplements is that it does not have any source of caffeine. The product is caffeine-free, and as the name suggests, it’s built primarily to improve and enhance muscle pumps. It does have a few ingredients to additional support focus, making for a more comprehensive caffeine-free experience.

To take care of blood flow, pumps, and hydration, Mammoth Swell features a gram of agmatine, 1.5g each of taurine and glycerol, 6g of citrulline malate, 200mg of pine bark, and 100mg of vitamin C. Then for the mental focus side of the supplement, Mammoth has thrown in 300mg of alpha-GPC, 50mcg of huperzine a, and half a gram of lion’s mane.

Once again, Mammoth Nutrition has crafted Mammoth Swell as a pre-workout for those who don’t want caffeine but still want great pre-workout benefits in better muscle pumps and improved mental focus. The brand’s third entry in the category is launching within the next four weeks, so fans in Canada can probably expect to see it available in early May.