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Max Effort unflavors its BCAA-based Amino Recovery and reveals its strong new look

Max Effort Muscle Unflavored Amino And Rebrand

Unflavored options are always a great alternative for supplements typically stacked with others, such as creatine, glutamine, aminos, and carbohydrate sources. Max Effort Muscle has done precisely that this week, revealing and releasing an unflavored option of its BCAA-based amino product Amino Recovery featuring a hefty combination of 10g of the all-important BCAAs, 5g of glutamine, and electrolytes for hydration.

Max Effort Muscle’s Amino Recovery already has a handful of actual flavors to choose from, so if the new Unflavored is not all that appealing, there are options you can drink and enjoy by themselves. There is more to the launch of the flavor extension as it is the first Max Effort supplement to feature its new look, which keeps a lot of the original design points and essentially blows them up to make for a more impactful appearance.

We have to assume Max Effort Muscle does plan to expand the branding across to the rest of its sports nutrition products, but for now, it is only on Amino Recovery, specifically the new Unflavored option. You can grab the flavorless BCAA-based supplement straight from the Max Effort website for the same price as the actual flavors at $44.99 per bag or in its automatically discounted three-piece or five-piece Build A Stack bundles.

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