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Muscle Nation reveals another upcoming supplement exclusive to Coles

Muscle Nation Protein Daily Shake

Apparel and supplement brand Muscle Nation recently announced its Coles-exclusive protein snack, the Custard Protein Bar, is soon going to be joined by another product at the major supermarket. The Australian brand revealed Protein Water, a collagen and electrolyte-infused protein powder packing 23g of protein, and coming in a refreshing fruity flavor.

It turns out Muscle Nation’s expansion in Coles is going to involve more than just Protein Water. The brand has gone and unveiled yet another item that is said to be coming soon to the supermarket and its over 800 stores in Australia. This one is more like Protein Water and less like Muscle Nation’s original Custard Protein Bar, as it will be a supplement.

Muscle Nation has previewed Protein Daily Shake, which is a traditional protein powder, relying on common sources in whey and milk to provide its 20.7g of protein per serving. The carbohydrates in Protein Daily Shake will be higher than in Protein Water at 4.1g with just under a gram of fat at 900mg, and one flavor confirmed so far in a classic Milk Chocolate.

Muscle Nation said exactly when fans and shoppers will see Protein Daily Shake or Protein Water at Coles, only that they are coming to the supermarket’s shelves sometime soon.