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Old School turns formulas from Samir Bannout’s 1983 Olympia prep into modern supplements

Old School Labs Samir Bannout Signature Series

One of Old School Labs’ premier ambassadors is the Lion Of Lebanon, 1983 Mr. Olympia, Samir Bannout. He is a fitting representative of the brand, with Old School being golden era-inspired and Bannout being from that golden era. The growing supplement company has now partnered with Samir Bannout to create his own Signature Series, made up of two products, Lava 196 and Replica GH.

Lava 196

Old School Labs and Samir Bannout’s Lava 196 is the fat burner of the Samir Bannout Signature Series, built to enhance thermogenesis, elevate energy, reduce catabolism, and support overall weight loss. The supplement doesn’t include any ingredients (label below) we haven’t seen before, including the likes of theobromine, hoodia, a very light 112.5mg of the focus feature tyrosine, and a reliable 150mg of caffeine.

Old School Labs Lava 196 Label

Replica GH

The other half of the Samir Bannout Signature Series from Old School Labs and the Lion Of Lebanon is Replica GH, bringing together five different amino acids, promoted to improve anabolism, fullness, vascularity, and your own natural release of growth hormone. The precise blend of aminos (label below) is made up of 6g of glutamine, 1.25g of lysine, and a gram each of arginine, ornithine, and glycine.

Old School Labs Replica Gh Label

Old School Labs says you can expect to see visible results from Replica GH in as little as 72 hours. That timeframe and those Replica GH benefits are not anything we’ve seen promoted before for an amino, although it is worth noting these are formulas created and used by Samir Bannout himself. The formulas in Lava 196 and Replica GH are apparently what he used leading up to his Mr. Olympia win in 1983.

Where to buy

Old Schools Labs has both of the Samir Bannout Signature Series products, Lava 196 and Replica GH, available through its online store and for the same price off $39.99 each. The fat burner Lava 196 has 30 servings a bottle, while Replica GH has 20. There is also a bundle where you add the two to your cart and enter the coupon code “SAMIR” for 10% discount and free domestic shipping.