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Refreshing Watermelon flavor comes to Pandy’s tasty low sugar candy

Pandy Watermelon Candy

The original protein candy company Pandy, now more known for its delicious low sugar and low-calorie candy, has released another flavor of its signature treat this month, further expanding its already strong selection. For those not familiar with the Swedish brand’s star product, it is a small bag of sweet gummy candy that has only a gram of sugar and comes in familiar candy styles like sour cola, inspired by sour cola bottles.

The newest addition to Pandy’s low sugar candy is Watermelon, with watermelon-flavored slices, delivering the brand’s signature candy-like taste but with just a gram of sugar per bag, zero fat, and 170 calories. We can’t seem to find the Watermelon candy on Pandy’s website yet, although its reliable retailer Proteinbolaget has beaten it to the punch and currently has it in stock at a reasonable 209 kr (22.12 USD) for 14 bags.

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