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Updated Vegan Freak combines its protein sources with focus and fat loss

Pharmafreak Second Vegan Freak

PharmaFreak has shared all you need to know about the revamped version of its plant-based protein powder Vegan Freak, first confirmed as coming soon at the beginning of the month. The second iteration of the supplement is promoted as a hybrid plant protein as the legacy brand has given it a bit of a hybrid twist as it’s now more than a vegan-friendly source of protein.

PharmaFreak’s 2022 edition of Vegan Freak still provides a good amount of protein at 20g per serving, coming from a transparent blend of 23g of yellow pea protein and a precise 607mg of sacha inchi protein. Another feature the brand has carried over from the previous version of Vegan Freak is its infusion of superfood ingredients like kelp, nova scotia dulse, and spirulina.

Where PharmaFreak really starts to make its all-new Vegan Freak different from its predecessor is there are two active ingredients thrown in the formula that weren’t there before. Now included alongside the protein and superfoods is half a gram of the nootropic lion’s mane to support mental focus and cognition, and 40mg of grains of paradise to improve overall weight loss.

PharmaFreak has essentially continued the features that made the first Vegan Freak protein powder what it is and added lion’s mane and grains of paradise to mix things up with added focus and fat loss support. The revamped supplement is available first, straight from the brand’s online store, with the one Natural Dark Chocolate flavor priced at $44.99 for a 28 serving tub.