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RYSE partners with the famous flavored drink mix Kool-Aid for a flavor of Loaded Pre

Ryse Kool Aid Loaded Pre

Over the past year or so, RYSE has jumped into the world of authentic flavor collaborations, and not with just one or two products. The popular and growing brand has gone in strong releasing several, including its SunnyD flavor of the Blackout Pre-Workout, and SunnyD, Ring Pop, and Smarties flavors of Loaded Pre. RYSE also created the top-rated Godzilla Pre-Workout, put together in partnership with the actual character.

RYSE is expanding its variety of authentic collaborations even further this week, announcing an entirely new one, separate from SunnyD, Ring Pop, Smarties, and Godzilla. Revealed today, although launching at the Vitamin Shoppe and the brand’s own website between May and June, is a partnership with the famous flavored drink mix Kool-Aid. The two have come together to create a Kool-Aid Tropical Punch flavor of Loaded Pre.

The product will have all of the same ingredients and dosages as every other flavor of RYSE’s lower-priced pre-workout Loaded Pre, including 4.5g of citrulline, 3.5g of beta-alanine, and a reliable 390mg of caffeine for energy. The brand really seems to be picking classic and nostalgic companies to collaborate with for authentic flavors, with Kool-Aid seamlessly continuing that and adding another iconic name to its list of partners.