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DNS improves the solubility of its BCAA but even more so the cost-effectiveness

Dns Bcaa

Japanese brand DNS has made more changes to its simple and straightforward amino supplement DNS BCAA, similar to what we saw it do about a year and a half ago. For those that don’t remember, the brand took the product and made it more water-soluble, leading to less foam; it lowered the amount of powder per tub to 165g; and it kept the original dosing of 4.95g of BCAAs per serving at the usual 2:1:1 ratio.

In this year’s update to DNS BCAA, the supplement company has said it’s improved the water solubility of the amino even further, or in its own words, “improved significantly”. DNS has also raised the amount of powder you get per tub to 200g, and just like last time, the amount of BCAAs packed into each serving has remained at 4.95g, breaking down to 2.475g of leucine, and 1.237g each of isoleucine and valine.

One last key feature of the revamped DNS BCAA and it is significant; the brand has drastically lowered the price of the amino product, even better than it was before the 2020 update. While the pre-2020 version was ¥4,536 for 200g, and its replacement was ¥4,320 for 165g, the latest iteration of DNS BCAA is ¥3,480 (27.20 USD) for that original 200g size and in the same Grapefruit flavor.

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