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SmartShake makes a second stainless steel shaker with additional premium features

Smartshake Insulated Bottle

The original compartment shaker company SmartShake has released a second stainless steel bottle named the Insulated Bottle, which is separate from its already available Reforce shaker. There are some critical differences between the two despite the sturdy steel build remaining constant, with the Insulated Bottle essentially being the brand’s more premium option.

SmartShake’s all-new Insulated Bottle is made with 18/8 pro-grade stainless steel, and it is double-wall vacuum insulated to ensure consistent temperature with a 100% leak-proof guarantee. To make filling, using, and cleaning it easier, the brand has also given the shaker a wider opening, a 25oz or 750ml bottle volume, and finally, a curved base to avoid any clumping.

As mentioned, SmartShaker’s Insulated Bottle, is basically its more premium stainless steel shaker with high-end features. As far as shakers go, it is actually the brand’s most expensive, coming in on the SmartShake website just above the glass version of the Reforce shaker at 249 kr (25.33 USD). There is also only one color for the Insulated Bottle to start, and that is Black.

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