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Sneak produces only one case of its mysterious Sauvignon Manc and it is giving it away

Sneak Grape Crush Sauvignon Manc

Based on Sneak’s incredibly intriguing and mysterious teaser from yesterday, we suspected the ever-creative gaming supplement company had done one of two things. Our guesses on what the teaser was all about were either Sneak’s own bottle of wine in a Grape Crush flavor or some sort of product that was going to loosely connect back to wine.

As surprising as it is, both of those guesses seem to be correct in the latest development, as the UK-based brand has announced it’s put together Grape Crush Sauvignon Manc. Sneak says the product is the latest from Chateau de Sn’eaque vineyard, which definitely looks like a play on words and is meant to translate to the “Castle Of Sneak”.

Sneak has said it’s only made a single case of the Grape Crush Sauvignon Manc, and instead of selling it, the brand has decided to give it away on social media. You can enter the competition on Instagram by following the brand’s page and tagging a friend in a comment, with entries closing for the extremely limited Sneak item in a few days on April 25th.

While Sneak has said more about its Grape Crush Sauvignon Manc, we are still left with many questions. The brand has still not said what we’re looking at, as it could be Sneak wine or what we think is more likely; the Grape Crush gaming supplement in a wine bottle. We said whatever this thing turns out to be, it’s going to be another memorable marketing moment for the brand, and that continues to look like the case.

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