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Multiple melons come together in Layne Norton’s limited Super Melon flavor

Super Melon Outwork Pre Workout

The one supplement Layne Norton and his brand Outwork Nutrition have added to more than anything else is the stimulant-powered pre-workout simply named Outwork Pre-Workout. Since launching almost two years ago, the product has remained the same, from every ingredient to every dose, although it’s been expanded on the flavor side of things, and it’s even got a caffeine-free version.

Layne Norton and Outwork Nutrition are back at it again this week, welcoming the fifth flavor to Outwork Pre-Workout, or seventh if you count its two caffeine-free options separately. While those other flavors are mostly common tastes, the supplement’s latest addition is not, with the multi-melon recipe Super Melon, although if you like the sound of it, get to Outwork’s website quick, as it is limited.