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Sweat Ethic’s whey protein Whey’d is getting a meal replacement spin-off

Sweat Ethic Wheyd Meal

Whey’d is Sweat Ethic’s mainstream whey-based protein powder, providing a typical 25g of protein per serving from a blend of whey concentrate, whey isolate, and whey hydrolysate. The rest of the supplement’s nutrition profile is as lean as most other protein powders, with 2g of fat, around 3g of carbohydrates, and about 130 calories.

Next week Sweat Ethic is releasing Whey’d Meal, a more comprehensive meal replacement version of the product, with much higher macros per serving. The supplement will feature a whole-food-based formula and provide 45g of protein, an almost equal 38g of carbohydrates, low sugar, and 11g of fat, giving you that more meal-like balance of nutrition.

We have to imagine Sweat Ethic will be using a similar whey-powered blend of sources to Whey’d to provide Whey’d Meal’s protein, with obviously other whole food ingredients to bring up the carbohydrates and fat. Once again, Whey’d Meal is going to be available starting next week, with at least one flavor confirmed so far in Vanilla Cake Batter.