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Uptime expands its zero sugar lineup with three refreshing fruity flavors

Tropical Passionfruit Uptime Energy Drink

Energy drink company Uptime has created three refreshing new flavors of its lower-calorie, zero-sugar beverage, featuring ingredients to increase and enhance energy. The product has a relatively simple combination of components, including theanine, ginseng, coQ10, and to drive home the energizing experience, a moderate 142mg of smooth, natural caffeine.

The flavor extensions from Uptime are all listed in its online store, although they’re not available and listed as out of stock, so you can’t purchase them direct yet. The flavors are sweet, fruit-based tastes in Green Mandarin, Tropical Passionfruit, and Ruby Red Grapefruit, once again, all in the brand’s no sugar energy drink with a lean and low five calories a bottle.

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