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Ping powder doubles the dosages from the drink although they still sit below the competition

Xplosiv Ping Pre Workout

Retailer Xplosiv entered the beverage market with the energy drink Ping, which was followed by the powder pre-workout Ping Xtreme; then, earlier this year, we got a beverage version of Ping Xtreme. Xplosiv and its Ping saga continue this month with the same sort of spin-off as Ping Xtreme recently got, but the other way around, with a powder pre-workout Ping.

Unlike the Ping Xtreme drink and Ping Xtreme pre-workout, Xplosiv’s Ping pre-workout does not feature the same formula as the original on-the-go Ping beverage, at least regarding dosages. In a full serving of the retailer and brand’s latest supplement, it has essentially doubled the amount of everything, although even with that, it’s not an impressive pre-workout.

Xplosiv Ping Pre Workout Label

That maximum two-scoop serving of Xplosiv’s Ping powder product packs 1.316g of betaine, 1.96g of pure citrulline, 2.1g of beta-alanine, 52mg of tyrosine, and a moderate 210mg of caffeine. To give you an idea on what else is out there, most competitive pre-workouts have about twice the betaine at 2.5g, much higher citrulline at 6g or more, and 1.5g+ of tyrosine.

Those in New Zealand can now grab the very straightforward Ping pre-workout supplement from Xplosiv’s online store and at a price that’s not all that surprising for what’s inside the product. A full-size tub of 30 maximum servings or 60 half servings will currently cost you $39.96 (27.23 USD) in three flavors, Tiki Punch, Charge Grape, and Tropicana.