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XXL Nutrition’s latest snack puts 10g of protein in crunch chocolate-covered balls

Xxl Nutrition Delicious Protein Choco Balls

After coming out with a completely new protein-packed cookie in the Delicious Protein Cookie, European retailer and brand XXL Nutrition has dropped another snack, although it’s not in a common format like the cookie. XXL’s latest on-the-go item is Delicious Protein Choco Balls, which is a bag of small bite-sized balls that are crunchy, covered in chocolate, and packed with protein.

XXL Nutrition’s Delicious Protein Choco Balls has a few balls per packet, combining for a weight of 38g and providing a reasonable 10g of protein. The carbohydrates are a bit higher at 16.3g, although only 3.6g of that is sugar, with 8.3g of fat and 165 calories. Judging by the product’s pictures, it looks enjoyable, with that airy, crunchy center and undoubtedly on-point chocolate on the outside.

XXL Nutrition has introduced its Delicious Protein Choco Balls in two flavors, with the difference being the type of chocolate coating in Milk Chocolate or White Chocolate. The product comes in small boxes with six snack bags in each, although to be fair, the price is not all that large at £8.45 (10.57 USD), with the ability to purchase individual bags coming soon at £1.65 (2.06USD).