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Slim 12oz version of ZOA’s Zero Sugar launches at Costco in a variety pack

Zoa Energy Drink 12oz Variety Pack

The Rock’s energy drink ZOA started the year strong with a lot of news and developments, including the launch of two new flavors of its zero sugar beverage. Those additional options are White Peach and Tropical Punch, and in addition to that, the growing brand said it would be coming out with a slim and sleek 12oz version later in the year, which has now become a reality.

ZOA has put together a 12oz version of three flavors of its original zero sugar, lower-calorie energy drink in Wild Orange, and those two recently released flavors, White Peach and Tropical Punch. The lighter version has an appropriately scaled formula; for example, the regular 16oz packs 160mg of smooth, energizing natural caffeine a can, while the 25% smaller 12oz has 120mg.

Another interesting point about ZOA’s 12oz energy drink is it’s launched exclusively at the membership retailer Costco in a variety pack with four of each of those three flavors to make a 12 can case. The price of the bundle at Costco is not too bad at $19.89 versus $29.99 for a case of 12 through the brand’s website, although that is for the 16oz cans and all in one flavor.

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