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Apollon previews what looks to be its hardcore approach to the gaming category

Apollon Nutrition Universal Soldier

Apollon Nutrition has several popular supplements in its lineup for various categories, beyond its powerhouse pre-workouts Hooligan, Assassin, and the top five product, Lionheart. The Brand Of The Year for 2021 also has the intense fat burner Chaos, the extremely effective stimulant-free thermogenic Molotov, the loaded intra-workout Over-The-Top, and, of course, the multilevel nootropic Overtime.

Compared to the many other competitors in the nootropic category, the maximum serving in Apollon Nutrition’s Overtime is definitely on the higher side when it comes to dosages. In that full eight-capsule serving, you get over half a gram of caffeine, 1.5mg of alpha yohimbine, and 2g of tyrosine, although it looks like we might be getting something a bit milder very soon.

Apollon Nutrition has shared a preview of a spin-off of Overtime named Overtime Universal Soldier, and we do know this is not a sequel set to replace the high-powered Overtime. If you remember, last year, the brand confirmed it would be coming out with a gaming supplement for energy and focus, but with an Apollon twist, and we’re guessing Universal Soldier is that interesting supplement.

The preview Apollon Nutrition has shared for Overtime Universal Soldier does feature combat soldiers, something we’ve seen on labels of other gaming products as well as in marketing. Basically, many signs are pointing at the hardcore supplement company finally getting into the world of gaming as promised over a year ago, which, if that is the case, should make for an interesting and very different formula.

Apollon Nutrition has said more information on Overtime Universal Soldier will be shared early next week, including its list of ingredients and dosages. The launch of the supplement will also be close behind that complete unveiling, as the brand is aiming to make it available through its online store for Memorial Day Weekend, which is next week, and where it’ll likely have some sort of sale.