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Joint support gets an upgrade at Bowmar with its new and improved Joint 2.0

Bowmar Nutrition Joint 2

The hard-working Bowmar Nutrition has taken its original joint support supplement simply named Joint, and given it a new and improved formula for 2022. The updated product is appropriately named Joint 2.0, as it is, of course, a sequel. The brand has gone with a smaller range of ingredients in its second iteration of the supplement, although, again, it is designed to be better overall.

Bowmar Nutrition’s Joint 2.0 comes with a total of 12 active ingredients, many of which are reliable, premium, branded ingredients, something the original didn’t have any of at all. Everything has been brought together to collectively support joint comfort and mobility, help reduce inflammation, and improve joint growth and repair, for a truly comprehensive and effective joint health product.

Bowmar Nutrition Joint 2 Label

The complete list of ingredients powering Bowmar Nutrition’s sequel Joint 2.0 includes the addition of MLG-50 fulvic mineral powder, premium UCI-II collagen, lutein, and BioPerine black pepper to enhance absorption. Some of the previous components that have remained in the supplement are ginger extract and turmeric for their inflammation benefits and boron for general joint health.

Bowmar Nutrition’s joint support sequel is already in stock and available straight from its online store, where it’s around the same price point as its predecessor at $44.99. Joint 2.0 is actually discounted at the moment with a limited-time sale, dropping the comprehensive product down a bit to $39.99, and that is for a full-size bottle of 30 servings to get you through a whole month.