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High-protein cookies coming next week from Bowmar with 15g per pack

Bowmar Nutrition Protein Cookies

Bowmar Nutrition has many health, wellness, and sports nutrition supplements, and some items on the functional side of things, such as high-protein nut butter, a protein bar, and a protein-packed mug cake. Next week the brand is adding to that selection with another edible product in a format different from any of those others, and it comes with two pieces per pack.

On the way from Bowmar Nutrition are collagen-infused Protein Cookies featuring a crumbly and cookie-like texture with a solid 15g of protein from the two cookies per pack. We’re not sure what the other macros are in the product, although the brand has confirmed the two flavors it’s launching in with Snickerdoodle and the chocolate chip-filled Salted Chocolate Chip.

We’ll obviously have more details to share for the Protein Cookies when Bowmar Nutrition makes them available, although they certainly sound like an enjoyable snack. The release is also not that far away, with the brand planning to roll them out next week on Thursday through in boxes of six-packs, which is 12 cookies as there are two cookies per pack.