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Cotton Candy comes to BPS Pharma’s EAA-based amino for a limited time

Bps Pharma Cotton Candy 4 Your Gainz Bro

BPS Pharma is known mainly for the series of Not4Pussy pre-workouts it’s pumped out over the years, although it does cover many other categories, including the popular amino space. The German brand’s supplement in that area of the industry is also uniquely named with “4 Your Gainz Bro”, and it features eight of the nine EAAs to support muscle recovery and repair, and at a combined 8g per serving.

BPS Pharma is no stranger to interesting and intriguing flavors, and the menu of 4 Your Gainz Bro is a great example of that, with options like Magic Pears, Energy Bull, Georgian Tangerine, and Pink Grapefruit. For the month of May, the brand has added another intriguing flavor to the amino supplement’s lineup in Cotton Candy, which is available now in Germany, although, unlike those other options, it is limited.