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Chemix’s top-rated King Of Pumps lands a third flavor in Rainbow Pop

Chemix Rainbow Pop King Of Pumps

King Of Pumps is the strong and effective pump pre-workout from The Guerrilla Chemist’s reputable brand Chemix, still holding the number two spot on our list of top five pump pre-workouts. It is backed by a packed-out formula, including key highlights like 6g of pure citrulline, 254mg of premium VasoDrive-AP, 800mg of the brand’s Endo-Pump blend, and a hefty 5g of betaine.

Chemix’s King Of Pumps now also has a more extensive selection of flavors, as this week, the brand’s previous two options, Guerrilla Blood and Orange Sherbet, have been joined by a third option. The truly effective supplement, purely designed to increase and enhance muscle pumps, is now available in the colorful candy-like flavor Rainbow Pop at $49.99 through the Chemix website.

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