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Clash Of The Cans IV shaping up to be another strong showdown heading into round two

Clash Of The Cans Quarterfinals

After our usual fierce first round where we had over 70 products to vote on, the results are in and we have our top 16 energy drinks for the 2022 Clash Of The Cans Quarterfinals. For those that missed it, our opening round gives you the opportunity to vote once for your favorite beverage, and the 16 with the most votes move on while everyone else is completely knocked out.

There were some energy drinks that confidently made it through the first round of Clash Of The Cans, and some that weren’t so clear cut. Either way, many of the popular products have managed to progress, including all three of our past champions, in Reign Total Body Fuel, current title holder RAZE Energy, and the first Clash Of The Cans winner, C4 Energy from Cellucor.

The other 13 energy drinks in the Clash Of The Cans Quarterfinals are Celsius Live Fit, the well-established Bang Energy, ‘Merica Energy, 3D Energy, Applied Nutrition’s pre-workout-style ABE, Ghost Energy, and Sway. There is also GRIZZLY Energy, USN Qhush, the widely available Monster Ultra, the gaming marketed beverages from G Fuel, Razorwire Energy, and Sneak.

The Quarterfinals for our fourth annual Clash Of The Cans is certainly and clearly stacked with strong competitors, the majority coming from the sports nutrition space, with many mainstream products not making the cut such as Red Bull, Rockstar, and MTN Dew. It’s shaping up to be another great competition with potential for our first repeat winner as well as an all-new one.

We’ve split up those 16 Clash Of The Cans quarterfinalists into four groups of four, and the energy drink with the most votes in each group will move on to the semifinals, which is kicking off Monday of next week. You can vote now in each of the Quarterfinals groups over at and you have until midnight Sunday to show your support and submit your votes.

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