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Monster makes its first Clash Of The Cans semifinal alongside Ghost, RAZE and C4

Clash Of The Cans Semifinal

We are on to the semifinals of our fourth annual Clash Of The Cans this week, and it is, as expected, another tight competition with almost all of the same semifinalists as last year. Two of our three past champions have progressed in the RAZE Energy drink and the original winner, Cellucor’s C4 Energy drink, alongside the youngest product in the semifinals and a popular beverage that has never made it this far before.

Ghost Energy from the original lifestyle supplement Ghost has made it to the Clash Of The Cans semifinals for 2022, which despite how well distributed it is, has been around for not even two years. The other beverage joining RAZE Energy, C4 Energy, and Ghost Energy in the second to last round of our showdown is the tasty low-calorie Monster product that can be found all over the world in Monster Ultra.

The two randomly selected groups in the semifinals have RAZE Energy up against C4 Energy, and Ghost Energy taking on Monster Ultra. You can get your votes in over at, and like the other rounds, you get one vote per group. You have until midnight Sunday to take part and show your support; then, we’ll be back this time next week with an undoubtedly heated and highly contested grand final.