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Fourth annual Clash Of The Cans contest starting in exactly one week

Clash Of The Cans

As confirmed a couple of weeks ago, on Monday the 16th of May, which is exactly one week away from today, we are holding our fourth annual energy drink shown down, Clash Of The Cans. It is a four-week competition where we venture to find our audience’s favorite energy drink on the market, a fierce contest that has seen a different winner each year since it all started in 2019.

Cellucor and its top-tasting C4 Original won the first Clash Of The Cans title, then it went to Reign Total Body Fuel, and now the current champion is RAZE Energy. All three of those beverages will be back in the mix for our 2022 Clash Of The Cans battle, as well as over 70 other energy drinks, and an area on the voting page to submit manual votes if your favorite is not on the list.

This year’s Clash Of The Cans will go by the same rules as last year; you can vote once per group, per round, and the most popular energy drink of each group will go on to the next round, or if it’s the grand final, win the custom cast bronze trophy. The only time that’s different is in the first round, where we get you to vote on every product and the top 16 progress into the quarterfinals.

Once again, our fourth annual 2022 Clash Of The Cans is kicking off on Monday of next week, with votes for every round able to be easily submitted through the link

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