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Gold Standard makes overnight oats a little easier to prepare in its latest product

Gold Standard Nutrition Overnight Oats

Gold Standard Nutrition is the UK company responsible for the convenient meal in a pot, Pot-O-Gold, made with quality ingredients, providing a balanced nutrition profile, and available in great flavors. The brand also has a few other products, including prepared protein pizza, simple and clean precooked chicken breasts, chicken bites, and starting this week, its take on an oat-based breakfast.

Now available alongside its many other food products is Gold Standard Nutrition’s, Overnight Oats. It is a blend of whole milk, oats, whey concentrate, and a blueberry compote, all in a ready-to-go jar. The convenient meal comes frozen and to eat and enjoy; you simply throw it in the refrigerator the night before you want to have it for breakfast, then when you wake, it’s ready to consume.

The straightforward set of ingredients provides a solid 26g of protein per pot, 37g of carbohydrates with 8.9g of that sugar, 4.3g of fiber, 8.6g of fat, and a reasonable calorie count of 338. Gold Standard Nutrition’s Overnight Oats currently comes in the one Blueberry Blast with that sweet-sounding blueberry compote, and its cost ranges from £3.50 down to as low as £2.91 (3.66 USD) when buying bulk.