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Guud puts its own sort of functional spin on its modern healthy mueslis

Guud Functional Fuel Mueslis

Guud is a healthy food company known for its wholesome muesli cereal made with quality real food ingredients like oats, almonds, cranberries, chia seeds, and cashews. The creative brand has just dropped a series of products that put it on our radar as it’s a family of functional mueslis that takes its modern healthy muesli approach and combines it with some sort of functional feature.

Now available from Guud is Athlete Fuel, Brain Fuel, and Gut Fuel, each designed to support the benefit or topic mentioned in its name. None of these are loaded with active ingredients like you might expect with something like extra caffeine in Athlete Fuel and lion’s mane in Brain Fuel. They aim to support their bonus benefits with added food ingredients, maintaining that original theme.

Guud’s Brain Fuel has added omega-3 fatty acids and berries to improve brain health, and Gut Fuel has bananas, apples, chia seeds and flaxseeds as good sources of fatty acids and soluble fiber for better digestion. As for Athlete Fuel, that says it provides energy and is packed with protein, although its real food formula has the same amount of protein per serving as Brain Fuel and the carbohydrates are lower than both Brain Fuel and Gut Fuel.

While it’s not the active ingredient-filled functional spins we’re used to seeing, Guud has still put a twist on its healthy approach to muesli in the new Athlete, Brain, and Gut Fuel mueslis, which is always fun to see. If you’d like a bit more information on the products, visit the brand’s website, where you can also buy any of the mueslis at $6.99 a bag or $34.99 for a box of six.

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