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Conquer All Nutrition brings a selection of Performax Labs’ best to Canada

Hypermax In Canada

While domestic expansion is always great to see, and it helps a company immensely, international distribution is just as exciting as it introduces the brand and its supplements to a whole new audience. Performax Labs is doing that this month with an official launch up in Canada in partnership with Conquer All Nutrition, which is responsible for many top brands in the country, including Battle Snacks, Finaflex, and Max Protein.

Conquer All Nutrition and Performax Labs are starting with a small selection of products in Canada; however, they are some of the best products in the brand’s ever-expanding lineup. Conquer All has brought in the full-spectrum EAA amino EAminoMax, the stimulant-free, pump-powering pre-workout VasoMax, and the top-rated powerhouse stimulant pre-workout HyperMax, with some changes to fit Canadian regulations.

You can see the facts panel for the Canadian version of HyperMax below, where Performax Labs has swapped out several ingredients, although still kept that balanced blend to support energy, focus, better pumps, and performance. Some of the consistent features are the star 6g of the premium 3D-Pump formula, 50mg of S7, an intense 400mg of caffeine, and 60mg of Cocoabuterol.

Hypermax In Canada Label

As for some of the differences between the original and Canadian HyperMax, Performax Labs has thrown in an additional 3g of pure citrulline on top of the citrulline in 3D Pump; swapped NeuroPEA eria jarensis for the same 250mg dose of TeaCrine; lowered the amount of ThinFen by 300mg in a maximum serving; removed alpha yohimbine and citrus aurantium; and added huperzine A, taurine, and CDP choline.

As mentioned, Performax Labs has made many changes to HyperMax for its launch in Canada with Conquer All Nutrition, but again, it definitely looks like it’s kept that balance of effects, mostly replacing ingredients with something for a similar purpose. Those of you in Canada can look forward to seeing Performax’s EAminoMax, VasoMax and HyperMax hitting shelves across the country over the next couple of months.