Jacked Factory teams up with Vitamin Shoppe for its in-store debut

Jacked Factory Now At Vitamin Shoppe

Since its inception, the now giant sports nutrition company Jacked Factory has only been available direct to consumers primarily through its online store at jackedfactory.com. The brand has managed to grow beyond many of its competitors and build a strong following with that direct approach, although in 2022, it is looking to take things even further and finally make its way into physical stores.

For its in-store debut, Jacked Factory has teamed up with the major sports nutrition retailer The Vitamin Shoppe, which is now stocking three of its weight loss supplements and the absolutely delicious Authentic Bar. Over at vitaminshoppe.com and Vitamin Shoppe locations you can now purchase the fat burner Burn XT, the stimulant-free nighttime product Lean PM, and Jacked Factory’s advanced weight loss entry, Burn XT Black.

As mentioned, the always enjoyable and top-rated Authentic Protein Bar is also available at The Vitamin Shoppe or at least its online store at the moment, in three of its flavors, with Birthday Cake and two of our favorites, Peanut Butter Candy and Kitchen Sink with pretzel and caramel pieces scattered throughout the bar. After being direct-to-consumer for so long, this is a significant move from Jacked Factory, and it’s just the beginning.

Jacked Factory has said we could expect more launches at The Vitamin Shoppe in the coming months, including limited-time exclusives. If you’ve been following the brand here at Stack3d, you’ll know it’s line consists of a lot more than just Burn XT, Lean PM, and the Authentic Bar. It has several other competitors covering all of the major categories, some of which we assume will end up on shelves at Vitamin Shoppe.