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Gorilla Mode EAAs menu gets 50% bigger thanks to its new Jungle Juice flavor

Jungle Juice Gorilla Mode Eaas

The reputable brand Gorilla Mind restocked a whole bunch of supplements this week, most of them being flavors for its powerhouse stimulant pre-workout Gorilla Mode. Alongside those restocks has come an all-new flavor, although it’s not for Gorilla Mode but the amino-based product Gorilla Mode EAAs, which doesn’t have anywhere near as many options on its menu.

The new flavor for Gorilla Mind’s Gorilla Mode EAAs is the tropical fruity recipe Jungle Juice, which, based on its promotional graphics, looks to be a mix of coconut, pineapple, and orange. The Jungle Juice Gorilla Mode EAAs is available now through the brand’s website at a discounted $33 with 30 servings of its solid amino formula providing a combined 12g of all nine EAAs.

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