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Core puts a sherbet twist on the classic lemon lime flavor for Core ABC

Lemon Lime Sherbet Core Abc

Core Nutritionals has a new flavor this week for one of its long-running signature supplements in the recovery supporting, BCAA-based product, Core ABC. This is one of the Core supplements that is certainly not short on options, with a menu that’s well into the double digits, and this week it has grown once again, with an intriguing spin on a fairly classic combination of fruits.

The latest flavor creation from Core Nutritionals is Lemon Lime Sherbet, which we have to assume is that traditional citrusy blend of lemon and lime but with some sort of sweet, candy-like twist. You still get all of the well-dosed ingredients typically packed into a tub of Core ABC, with a hefty 10g of BCAAs per serving and 2.5g each of beta-alanine, glutamine, and citrulline malate.

As it’s done with all of its releases recently, Core Nutritionals is launching its Lemon Lime Sherbet Core ABC with a deal where you can save $10 per tub when buying two Core ABCs through the brand’s website. The promotion is only available this week, and the key condition is one of the two tubs of Core ABC must be the new Lemon Lime Sherbet, while the other one is up to you.