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New Zealand’s Live+ energy drink lands a refreshing Watermelon flavor

Live Plus Watermelon

Live+ or Live Plus is one of the many energy drinks the Monster Beverage Corporation distributes in specific areas of the world, with Live+ being a drink for those down under in New Zealand. It is available in regular and zero sugar versions, and three different sizes, with a 250ml can packing 75mg of caffeine, a 355ml bottle providing 107mg, and a large 500ml can with an energizing 150mg.

Previously there were three flavors for Live+ with Original Citrus, Zero Sugar Citrus, and Tart Apple, which have just been joined by another option for the product’s standard beverage. The new flavor is the fruity recipe, Watermelon, available only in the energy drink’s 500ml size, and like Original Citrus and Tart Apple, it is high in sugar at 55g of carbohydrates a can with 53g of that sugar.

Live+’s all-new Watermelon flavor is available now in New Zealand, and as mentioned, it only comes in the brand’s larger 500ml can with 150mg of caffeine, not the 355ml bottle or 250ml slim can, at least for now.

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